Personal Growth

30 Reasons to be Joyful.

One week ago, I turned 30! And to mark this little milestone, I compiled a list of many things that are in my life that make me thankful and bring me joy.

1. A God who never stops loving me and is so faithful!

2. A God who has provided me with an amazing family whom I love and they love me.

3. Friends near and afar whom I count as family.

4. I live in a beautiful country that I always felt drawn to.

5. I have a job that I love and fits me to a ‘tee’.

6. I am surrounded by a group of young people who challenge me to love God and others more.

7. For the hugs and affection shared by the young girls and other friends here.

8. For FaceTime so I can keep in touch with loved ones elsewhere.

9. Church family that I have gotten to know and love.

10. The opportunities to go tramping, run a marathon and participate in an adventure race over the years. Something I never thought I’d be able to do.

11. My health and the ability to run, swim , walk and be active.

12. For the ability to think, remember and pray.

13. How God has taken me out of the messes I have made and rescued me from them.

14. That God heals and has healed a broken heart over the years.

15. That God has protected me from the things that I thought I wanted, to give me exactly what I need and when I needed it.

16. For my talents and love of art, drawing, painting and photographing.

17. That God has made me ‘me’ and that I’m becoming more comfortable and confidant in that.

18. For Amanda’s friendship, which has been a huge factor in sustaining me though being away. For Aoife’s friendship who still remains so strong in my life despite the miles.

19. For hot tubs, coffee and wine. I love them all.

20. For the education I have received.

21. For income that gives me a means to live.

22. For all the beautiful countries that I have been privileged to experience.

23. For every conversation about God with someone.

24. For every tear and laugher that helped shape me.

25. For becoming an aunt to a very special, energetic and dramatic boy.

26. For communication with others – whether through smile, words, touch… may it always be a priority in my life to connect with others.

27. For music that I can hear, and a heart & voice to sing it back to God.

28. For my hair, even as the grey starts to appear.

29. For all those answered prayers and How God has heard me and will continue to hear me.


Last but not least, this one I shall leave out…. It’s a little too personal to share with the world. But I want to encourage you to fill in the blank for the thing that you are most joyful about or thankful for today.

Here’s to 30 more years of adventure! I hope I’m still sitting in hot tubs and have lots of hair on my head!


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