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A Year of Blogging.


It has been twelve stretching months since I was persuaded to start a blog. I’ve always loved reading blogs and although I’ve journaled around 60 notebooks throughout the years, I had never contemplated actually being the person who  puts pen to paper. I’m glad that I was prompted to do so.

Blogging has helped me to take the time to sit and ponder my thoughts. It has organised these thoughts into categories that enlightened me about who I am and the world around me. It taught me how to process and verbalise the times where I felt a particular emotion but didn’t understand how to put it into words. It rationalised my thinking and therefore  caused my response to be more appropriate or sane to situations. It helped me to deal with issues, move on from hurts and grow in compassion.

Yes, sometimes I do feel like a broken record and I do apologise for this. At times, I wonder if writing the blog is more about speaking to myself than to an audience. I certainly don’t have all the answers and for the most part I am throwing out more questions. I haven’t graduated in any of the topics that I’ve posted, if anything, I read them back to myself because I need to read thoughts from more of my ‘sane’ moments, espeically when I feel lke things are a little out of my control.

So although Under the Dogwood trees has been beneficial for me, it is an added bonus if you have enjoyed it too! Perhaps, a sentence or two has stuck out. Maybe it has challenged you, opened your eyes or made it relatible to your circumstances. It coud have been nothing new from what you have heard before. That’s ok too. I hope that the running theme has always pointed to Christ, through the many expressions ranging from sadness to joy.

Happy 1st Birthday, Under the Dogwood Tress. Thank you for taking the time to read and even comment throughout the year. I am open to suggestions for further posts and look forward to what is in store next. Here is a little insight into how blogging in 2016 went…

1. This is the 39th post!! Although, I didn’t get to post every week, I tried to produce one every other week and tried not to feel guilty when I knew it had been a little while since the last one.

2. It had over 2,000 different viewers with over 3,500 views. I was just happy if I had one person reading it to be honest, and that would probably would have been Aoife or my mother.

3. The record for most views in one day was when I published The Race on 26 Septmember, with 419 viewers reading the various posts.

4. The most read post is When the Heart is Healing, and after having reread this today, I am reminded of how God continues to change our hearts!

5. Probably the most tranparent post I had written was How do you like your steak? I was quite nervous to publish that one.

6. My first post was A little about little me, and I hope you have grown to know me more since then.

7. Some of my favourites include the ones on travelling, tramping and friendships.

8. And lastly, one of my favourite things about this blog is it’s readers too!

…So happy reading..

-Under the Dogwood Trees


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