Merry & Bright.


                                 Erin Walshe,  circa 2009 

Wow. Christmas 2016. How did that come upon us? It has been a fast year indeed and as 2017 approaches, I will surely post about how this was one of the best years yet for me. As for this post, I simply wanted to update you readers that my calendar is quite full over the next fews weeks and that I might not get much time to write. The week before Christmas, this Friday in fact, I will be off to the lakes for Summer Camp with the teens. Yes, that means water tubing and skiing will fill the days and camping in tents will encompass the nights. It’s really weird to say that and so far removed from my winter traditions. But I will welcome the new things this holiday. 

It’s a busy time of year for all. I’m sure you have already been to at least one Christmas party, with work or with friends. The build up is espeically one of hustle and bustle and then there is a big sigh of relief Christmas day as you may sit with a full belly and heart. As soon as camp is over, I will be straight into leading the Christmas Eve Service and volunteering with a community Christmas dinner on the 25th! Busy Busy. I want to encourage myself and you, to enjoy all the social dues on your calendar. But please also, take the time to relax and remember the important things of the holiday too. 

In conclusion, you may find Christmas and its traditions changing over the years. I usually think of lights and dark evenings when I think of the words Merry & Bright. However, this year I will think of sunshine and sunglasses. Well, whatever kind of Christmas it will be for you, there is one light that is always constant. And that is the reminder of that very first Christmas, where Immanuel came in the form of a babe and now He is with us forevermore. For every holiday and for every ‘normal’ day in between. In the busy times of year and during the slow ticking of the calendar days too. He is with us.

The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel (which means God with us) Matthew 1.23

Here are some photos of the Mid-Winter Christmas dinner we held. July may seem like a strange time to celebrate the Christmas Season but that’s what we did down here as the southern hemisphere was in their full swing of winter.





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