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A Year of Two Winters.

Well 2016, I’m done with the winters. I’m ready for some heat and sun on my skin while sitting comfortably out in shorts and t-shirts. Even though the timing was perfect, it would not have been my preference to leave one winter in the northern hemisphere and sometime after be entering another one in the southern hemisphere. Although, I did have some heat when I first arrived and although, the winter had a plentiful of sunny days with the mountain peaks covered in sparkling snow, I am so welcoming these next few months of a new season.
Ecclesiastes unfolds at chapter three to describe stages in life as a season for everything. But whether it is that type of season or the one that you see and feel outside your window, sometimes they can involve a bit of waiting. And that is tough.  Are we ever in a stage of day or life that we are not waiting for something? Waiting for the kettle to boil. Waiting in line to check out. Waiting to finish school, college , work at the end of the day. Waiting for Christmas, for that next exciting purchase or holiday. Waiting to meet someone, perhaps waiting to get married or have a baby or have a grandchild….You name it, you are probably waiting for something right now too.

Towards the end of August and the last month of winter, I felt myself longing and hopeful, waiting for Spring to finally arrive! However, it was then I became aware that this longing can lead to missing out on the here and now. What about the opportunity to play in the snow? To snuggle up with something warrm in your cup and a book in your lap. To view landscapes of a white winter wonderland.

The question then arises about what do we do in that time of hoping for a change? Is that being spent well or am I simply counting down the hours till that thing is within my reach? That isn’t exactly how I wish to spend my life and I don’t think that God wants me to do that either. One thing that I have been intentional about to help me from going down the path of mentally being in the what if’s and future, is to  write down what I’m thankful for in this moment. Be mentally as  well as physcially where you are. Throw all your heart into your passions now , whether its your job or a project. Be available for people and helping out. I have to stop myself sometimes and ask, am I even spending way too much time thinking about myself (or the thing I am most waiting for) and not of others?

 So what are you waiting for? Go out, enjoy  and be thankful for what is around you- your current relationships, a cup of coffee in your favourtie spot, the sunshine, the rain and everything in between. Even winter.  As for me, today I’m thankful that spring is finally here, along with the sun and warmth on my skin.



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