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A taste of the South Island.


Hello readers,

I feel like it has been ages since I last wrote. Although I returned just over a week ago, it is really only now that I am sitting down to look over the photos and reminisce over our road trip of the South Island, NZ. I hope that you enjoyed Aoife and I’s post about what to pack on such an adventure.

For this post, I think I will just put up some of my favourite memories and I’m sure you will then see not only how beautiful this island is but how the landscape changes so quickly and is of quite the contrast to one another- the lush greens to the dry brown, the white winter wonderland to the blue skied beaches, the mountains and the valleys, the glaciers that bring it’s turquoise waters and all of the creatures and sea life that fill it….. WOW. God is a wonderful artist.


Covered with snow and with the turquoise water vibrant against the white, Aoife and I explored the beautiful region that encompasses Mt. Cook and Lake Tekapo.


Just how fun does the town of Oamaru look in these photos? A town of penguins, steampunk and Victorian with a flair of art and quirky. Known as the Sharpest town in NZ and Steampunk capitol of the world….perhaps I’m biased talking about this one. You’ll just have to visit me to make that decision…


Making our way down south and paid a little visit to the Moeraki boulders and to the steepest street of Dunedin. What a contrast to that of a few days before in the snow, as we walk the sandy beaches with a canopy of clear blue sky.


A windy, overcast day to add to the mood of the Catlins as we witnessed the Purakaunui falls, where the bush meets the sea, the most southern point of the south island and the fossilised forest.


An early morning drive on Oreti beach with the snow capped mountains in our view. From here we made our way through Riverton and onwards to rest our heads in Te Anau that night. The mountains decided to give us a pink evening glow as we ventured to see some glow worms in their caves.


A journey to Milford Sound can take your breath away and leave you speechless with all of the beauty it has to offer. Mirrored waters, 900 waterfalls and avalanches of snow to keep you mesmerised for the day and for years to come, I’m sure.



Next on our map was Queenstown where we ziplined, bungy jumped (Aoife) and luge’d our way through another beautiful landscape of mountains. We nearly didn’t find our way out of the maze at Puzzling World but we did have the opportunity to walk up Mt. Iron for a 360 degree view of Wanaka.


From here we drove to the West Coast with hikes to Fox and Franz Josef glaciers. With more mirrored images at Lake Matheson and a soak in the hot pools, we were definitely enjoying some of what this area has to offer!


Over halfway through our road trip and beginning to feel a little tired,  Aoife and I stopped in Greymouth to visit our friend Bekey. We awoke to a relaxing day with a stroll through Pancake rocks. The sun and the mist gave way to the greenery and the powerful waves that plunged against these incredible rocks.

To continue our time of relaxation we cut across to Hamner Springs where we got a massage and soaked in hot sulphur springs. When we felt that we were rejuvenated Aoife and I went to spend two days in Kaikoura to go whale watching. We entered a four person plane and hovered over the sea till sperm and blue whales were amazingly within eye sight.


For Aoife’s final day, we strolled through Christchurch with it’s museums, art galleries and city buzz.


I feel like this is just a little taste of what we saw on our travels of the South Island. As you know, no photo or word could ever really portray what can be experienced in person. However, I hope this has sufficed to whet your appetite to come and explore some of the treasures that New Zealand has to offer. And if not, well I think there is beauty in every place that we live, so…. hop in your car and explore!



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