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The Mobile Suitcase.

A road trippers guide to packing the essentials…and the not so essential. 


It is week two of driving around the South Island and here is what we have learned about living out of your car and what to pack for such excursions. Now we all know that it is necessary to first all bring your adventurous and laid back spirit that accumulates both the planned and spontaneous parts of your journey. Let us talk you through some of what to pack for all that you might encounter along the way. 

Clothes and shoes. LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS. One minute you may be shivering in the snow and the next you may be peeling off to a t-shirt during a walk so it is necessary to layer for your changing climates and landscapes. Here is a prime example. 

Good walking shoes for all those trails -from snow to beach to forest trails. 

Thick socks for the colder climates and jandles (flip flops) for those trips to the hot pools, showers and beach. 

Hat,scarf,gloves and sunglasses for all weather types. 

Remember the key to all outdoor apparel is to be comfortable and prepared!!

Quick on hand. For all those little ( and big) stops along the way, here is what we have found useful within reach. 

A roadmap.. It may seem old school but with a navigator next to you, we believed it to be the best way to better understand where places are in relation to each other as well as all the key point of interests on that road. 

A lonely planet guide makes small towns come to life with history and tid-bits of info about the food, accommodation and recreational activities of that area.

A camera as well as your phone ( and possibly a selfie stick due to no one being around to take your photos).

Voucher book. May not be something you can get your hands on but always being on the look out for deals is great. For example is wonderful for this too!

Utensils. As some hostels do not provide delph or you have your own space for dining ,here are a few things to consider bringing..

Ceramic mugs for those morning coffees. A bowl and spork. A thermos and water bottle. Plastic cups. 

Food and drink. These are our preferences for snacking or consuming on the side of the road or tucked into your chalet that night. 

Lots of chocolate. Granola bars. Fruit. Crackers and Oamaru Whitestone cheese (the Five forks with Walnut crackers). Water, stay hydrated!! NZ wine, red or white, they are all good! Jed’s coffee bags are quite convenient. 

 Miscellaneous. Sunscreen. Chapstick. A car charger. A hanger to dry towels during the day. Tissues and wipes. Window cleaner to see the beautiful scenery. Hotties ( hot water bottle….or a hottie) Extra blankets in case you get stranded or rooms are quite cold. Fitbit to track all them steps walked! Books for entertainment and winding down at the end of the day (while in a hot tub with the glass of wine preferably !)

Enjoy! Hope this helps. 

Happy travels

-Erin and Aoife (alpine enthusiasts)



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