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A little break.


Here is a photo of some maps, atlas, travel book and notes- all things that exude thoughts of wanderlust and adventure. Over the past few weeks especially, I have poured some of my time into researching and asking lots of questions from friends and from the i-site, in order to come up with a schedule for when my friend Aoife comes. I cannot even believe that that time is so near, this very week! You know those moments when you anticipate something happening and think of it often, however it is hard to really formulate in your mind that it will actually happen. That’s how I feel. I can’t imagine  someone from my part of the world walking down the same streets that I share and being able to witness some of the beauties that this country has to offer alongside of me!
For over two weeks, we will be exploring the south island -from glow worm cave to glaciers, from natural hot springs to whale watching, mountains and turqouise coloured water, waterfalls and snow, New Zealand wine and lots of coffee. I will definately be posting about the trip afterwards with photos and insights but for now I simply wanted to say that I probably won’t be posting anything over the next few weeks. I hope that until then, you are well and continue to indulge in the happy world of reading! 

See you soon, 



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