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Well done.

Do you ever have those moments when you needed to hear  or be reminded of something and it brings things back into focus? I had some of that today. Not only was it putting things back into perspective, it was also an encouraging kick up the backside. So let me explain.

This morning we were looking at the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25.14-30, where a king gives three servants various amounts of money to look after. Here, we see the unfolding of how the three spent their money and how their actions reflected their trust and belief in their King to be faithful. We see the first two go off and ‘put their money to work’ and gain more from that, while the third was ‘afraid and dug his in the ground’, gaining no more than what he hid. This King entrusted them with his wealth and we begin to understand the responsilibity that was laid in their hands. We also see demonstrated two responses in the text and two displayed a trust in the faithfulness of their King to return while the other exclaims that he was afraid and was inactive in what he had been entrusted with. 

This really hit home with me and it refocused the trains of thoughts that I’ve had over the week. WOW. God has entrusted me while on this earth and how am I using what He has given me? His wealth of time and resources? The personality and individual make-up that He has designed me with? The relationships around me and the money in my pocket? The lessons I’ve learned and the availability to continue to grow? Am I aware of what He has even entrusted me with? Do I even acknowledge the privelege and the responsibility to be a steward of all of the above? So that in the end He can say “Well done, good and faithful servant. Come and share in your master’s happiness.” And if you are faithful in the small things that you have, then He says that He will put you in charge of much more!

Or will I hide all of these things away, afraid to use them for His purposes and instead use them for my own profit? Do I believe that God is faithful in all of His promises and will I cheerfully give back all of who I am and what I have for Him alone? Are we being faithful in what we have now and where we are? Is it possible for the person who posseses the gift of singleness to be intentional about not wasting precious time and availability that comes with that stage? Is it viable for those who posses the gift of marriage to not get wrapped up in selfish ambition but use their home to display the selfless love of Christ? Everything out there seems to be screaming do this or do that so you can feel or look good. Pursue what you want , no matter the cost. Gain as much as you can for your self. Pursue that relationship, own that house, have those children, climb that ladder in your job, seek those vacations, collect all those toys and objects of hobby and retire with all your stuff, so you can sit back and say “I have used all that I am and all of my resources to seek pleasure and happiness for myself.” But what is God going to say? Will He say “well done, good and faithful servant. Come and share in your master’s happiness?”. Or will He say “Well, you invested and spent all that you had for yourself and others, you wanted to look good and feel good but you were never concerned with me or all that I had entrusted you with. You won’t be sharing in my joy?”.

What a little wake up call this was for me. Where God has me. What He has me doing. With what He has provided me with. Am I faithful? Because He is faithful and He is worthy. Even when it feels minute. Be faithful. Even when it seems overwhelming. Be faithful. Even when it doesn’t make others envy me or when isn’t so desirable or pleasureable. Even when it is confusing. Be faithful. Trust in the King who is away working on the details and will return to say “enter into your master’s joy”. No one else’s opinion will matter as much and no selfish ambition will ever measure up. It will be worth the cost and you will have found the greatest treasure there is to gain- not the world, but the King.


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