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Winter’s First Breath.

It’s officially the first week of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. I cannot believe I’m beginning my second winter of 2016! There are a lot of beautiful things about winter: wearing sweaters, sipping hot drinks and cosying by a fire. Although not one for selfies (but what you gonna do when you are semi-new to a place and don’t have much photo evidence of friends yet) Here is a photo of me this week, while embracing all three of those things and trying to mentally brace myself for (another!) winter ahead…


Perhaps the subject of winter is even worthy of another post. For now I simply wanted to share some photos from around Oamaru this week-with the roaring sea on one side and the majestic, white mountains in plain view on the other side. Enjoy!


Isn’t it just breathtaking?


1 thought on “Winter’s First Breath.”

  1. It Is breathtaking! Winter perhaps int be so bad with that gorgeous scenery to enjoy! Love you, lady! Praying for you! – the Powells


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