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Galleries Galore.

As my fifth week of residing in Oamaru has arrived, I realised that I haven’t even visited all the art galleries that this town has to offer. How amazing is it that there is still some art to be seen with its abundance on every corner. It definately is the place to be to receive inspiration and see other’s point of view and creative outlets. That being said, I haven’t created much myself lately, although my camera is usually in my hand, but I do hope to start some projects with the youth so that we can encourage each other in our creativity. I do want to write a post called Created to Create. But for now, I simply wanted to share some of the Art I have seen so far while in New Zealand.

Below are some photos of an exhibition in a local gallery.





Gorse- common to Ireland and to NZ. Has the aroma of coconut and the aesthetic of yellow buds, however, it is a weed.










I like how they have used the plate as well as the print.






This particular artist has a signature style in representing portraits, usually of the female figure.

Below are props for some of the fairs throughout the year. You can walk through an alleyway and see them displayed in their quirky and slightly sinister (clown) representation of Oamaru’s history.



I really enjoyed the corrugated work of Jeff Thomson displayed in a museum in Christchurch. Especially the use of colour and shapes using such a common resource.      


More from that same museum in Christchurch. Look at that design work!

This is from the Art Gallery in Christchurch and I just cannot stop staring at it! The colours are so pyschodellic.

Some street art from Christchurch


The next three examples are displayed in Dunedin.

I like the incorporation of the bench to demonstrate the hills of the steepest street in the world, Baldwin St.


Temporary installation in Christchurch, commemorating those who died in the 2011 earthquake.

More from around Oamaru, Forrester Gallery.

Wicked Stitches, on our idea of home.








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