A little about little me.


“Write a blog!” a friend suggested over coffee one day. “Yeah, we will see.” I replied as I put the thought of both exposing myself and stringing words together in a mental box of excuses marked IF ONLY. If only what? If only I was brave enough to pour out my feelings to the World Wide Web. If only I was smart enough to construct sentences and paragraphs that make sense to its readers. And my favourite excuse of all, if only I had more confidence in what I do. Truth be told, I’m actually an avid blog reader and if I know you, then you can be assured I keep up to date with your posts. I always think that anyone who blogs is both brave and good with words and I’m not quite sure if that is me. But one thing that God has really impressed upon my recent creative endeavours is to have confidence in Him and who He has made me to be-with all the quirks and all the interests that I have. So here it goes, I’m saying hello to blogging and goodbye to all those excuses…

…and for those who don’t know me. Well here are a few random things to note and consider before you commit to following this blog:

1.  I have journaled since I was 6 years old. And yes my daily entry of “Dear Diary, today I went to school and it was fun. Ok bye” was very insightful. Then there were the awkward teenage years of “Dear Diary, (Insert current crush) is so cute I could die.” And then there was the journal that I decided to write in ‘gangster ‘ because I was that cool and had to relate to all my homies in the hood. So 22 years of writing has brought me to over fifty journals of words that express moments of joy,sadness, clarity, confusion, mistakes, success and everything in between. So if I run out of current trains of thoughts I might have to revert to the archives…for your sake, let’s hope not.

2. Ok so we have already established that I was a nerd and thought school was actually fun. Perhaps it was birthed from the excitement of stationary shopping (shout out to all those Lisa Franks fans out there) that lead to my organisational skills and proneness to be drawn to all things colourful and pschodellic… Whatever it was, I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher and most of all I desired to teach Art (thank you Lisa Frank). So that’s what I am! I find great enjoyment encouraging others in their creativity and ideas. Unfortunately I have used this as an excuse to not develop my own thoughts of creativity but that is another blog post that I hope to write about…

3. A few of my past times include reading, getting to know people over a cup of coffee and travelling ( all of which I’m sure will appear in my posts at some stage). I want to take a few moments however, to talk about my love of travelling. First of all, who doesn’t like to travel? It’s becoming the norm to be a world class traveller and I am fortunate to have been able to visit countries (some even more than once) such as USA, Mexico, England, Wales, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Ghana, Israel and one day in Canada and one (illegal) foot in Togo. My reason for mentioning all this is because of having grown up in two different countries both in the USA and in Ireland,and also because I’m about to embark on a journey to New Zealand which has been top on my list for many years now. But again, I will be writing some on these topics so stay tuned…

4. One word people always describes me as is passionate and I am always surprised by this! Crazy and weird are other words used and I’m not as surprised by these. ANYWAYS, I am passionate about a God who has lead me through every single moment of my journey so far and who has moulded me to who I am. It is so evident that He is faithful and unending in love even when I act in rebellion or in selfishness. He will be the thread through all my posts and through all the things that are ahead for me too. 

So here goes exposing myself, maybe blogging is a bit like skinny dipping but those memories I will most definitely not be blogging about!!!!!!!!!!!!!